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Increased Well Productivity from the Use of Carbon Dioxide to Foam Fracturing Fluids During a Refracturing Treatment in Saudi Arabia (SPE 17711), authored by Mohammed Al-Dhamen, Saudi Aramco, and Eduardo Soriano, Halliburton, reports the first CO2 foam refracture treatment in Saudi Arabia as a highly successful treatment.

Specifically, the results concluded “a 50% productivity increase; allowed for fast and effective cleanup compared to wells using conventional water based frac fluids; reduced water usage – critical in an area of limited water resources.”

These are points which have been promoted for CO2 foams and are recognized by an international E&P. The following chart depicts the increase in productivity of the well as a result of the CO2 foam refracture treatment.

Productivity Results of the CO2 Foam Refracture Treatment

Chart showing gas rate test results pre and post CO2 frac

Source: SPE 177112

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